Turning a Modest House, Into a Modern Home, on a Modest Budget

This year's Model ReModel project blends historical renovations, universal design principles, and cutting-edge energy upgrades

A Quick Look 

The 2016 Model ReModel was a huge success. Each month we reached over 85,000 remodeling professionals through the Model ReModel and Professional Remodeler newsletters. It was also the focus of the feature story in Professional Remodeler's November 2016 issue

This year's project will be lead by master carpenter Ben Bogie. He'll be turning an old, family-owned hunting cabin into a cozy, Arts & Crafts bungalow where his mother will get to enjoy her retirement. 

Bogie's plans for the cabin blend historical renovations and universal design with cutting-edge energy upgrades and perfectly reflect many of the realities of remodeling and the overall mission of this year's project: to turn a modest house into a modern home on a modest budget. 

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