The Model ReModel Show: When You're in a Hole, Start Digging


When you're in a hole, start digging

Ben Bogie, a remodeler in Connecticut, has been featured on ProTradeCraft in the past. We knew after working with him a couple of times that he is the real deal, and worth following around a jobsite.

When the editors of Professional Remodeler were looking for the 2017 ModelRemodel project, we knew Ben would be a good choice. (I say "we" because I am under the Professional Remodeler umbrella).

Ben's going to redo an old family hunting cabin into a retirement home for his mom. In the process, we will follow the design, construction, and product selection process with a weekly show, The Model Remodel Show. 

The project officially breaks ground in a few weeks, but Ben called me late in the fall to let me know they were doing some early excavation, which is the topic of the pilot episode of The Model Remodel Show.

Enjoy this sneak peek!

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