The Model ReModel Show: A Quick Take Down

Ben and the crew make up for lost time with a speedy tear down. 

In our pilot episode of the Model Remodel Show, we got an emergency call to the jobsite to catch some early stage excavation. Seeing a two-birds-one-stone opportunity, the crew, having first planned to get a well-driller in and dig some water lines, decided to go ahead and dig the house out of the house that it was in (and do a little land grooming on the side). But then in mid-March, winter took a late punch and hit the site with a snowstorm, shortening the crew's timeline and leaving us with this week's challenge: a quick take down.

As the demo started, the crew immediately ran into a challenge. Remodeler Ben's initial plan was to keep about two thirds of the structure. However, after a site survey over the winter and a few cost discussions, the crew, acknowledging some leveling challenges, decided the most prudent course of action was to tear the structure almost completly down to bare foundation. The walls of the master bedroom were left standing.

The crew's demo strategy was to strip the home to its bones, get an even better idea of how the house was put together, and then essentially disassemble it the reverse order of which it was built. So, starting with the roof.  

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